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#ifndef __SPECS_HPP_
#define __SPECS_HPP_
#include "linked.hpp"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "jmalloc.hpp"
#include "system.h"
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

extern char *spec_types[];

#define SPEC_INVALID_TYPE    0
#define SPEC_COLOR_TABLE     1
#define SPEC_PALETTE         2
#define SPEC_IMAGE           4
#define SPEC_FORETILE        5
#define SPEC_BACKTILE        6
#define SPEC_CHARACTER       7
#define SPEC_MORPH_POINTS_8  8
#define SPEC_MORPH_POINTS_16 9
#define SPEC_GRUE_OBJS       10
#define SPEC_EXTERN_SFX      11
#define SPEC_DMX_MUS         12
#define SPEC_NORMAL_FILE     14
#define SPEC_VECTOR_IMAGE    16
#define SPEC_LIGHT_LIST      17
#define SPEC_GRUE_FGMAP      18
#define SPEC_GRUE_BGMAP      19
#define SPEC_DATA_ARRAY      20
#define SPEC_CHARACTER2      21
#define SPEC_PARTICLE        22

#define SPEC_SIGNATURE    "SPEC1.0" 
#define SPEC_SIG_SIZE     8

#define SPEC_FLAG_LINK    1


/* file specs
              8   signature
              2   number entries
              1      entry type
              1      entry name length
              X      entry name (with null terminator)
              1      flags
                     if (flags&LINK)
              1        link filename length
              X        link filename
              4        data size
              4        offset 

void set_spec_main_file(char *filename, int search_order=SPEC_SEARCH_OUTSIDE_INSIDE);

void set_filename_prefix(char *prefix);
char *get_filename_prefix();
void set_save_filename_prefix(char *prefix);
char *get_save_filename_prefix();
#define JFILE_CLONED 1

class bFILE     // base file type which other files should be derived from (jFILE & NFS for now)
  protected :
  unsigned char *rbuf,*wbuf;
  unsigned long rbuf_start,rbuf_end,rbuf_size,
                wbuf_end,wbuf_size;                // can't seek while writing!
  int flush_writes();                             // returns 0 on failure, else # of bytes written

  virtual int unbuffered_read(void *buf, size_t count)  = 0;
  virtual int unbuffered_write(void *buf, size_t count) = 0;
  virtual int unbuffered_tell()                         = 0;
  virtual int unbuffered_seek(long offset, int whence)  = 0;   // whence=SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR,
                                                               // SEEK_END, ret=0=success
  virtual int allow_read_buffering();
  virtual int allow_write_buffering();
  public :
  virtual int open_failure() = 0;
  int read(void *buf, size_t count);       // returns number of bytes read, calls unbuffer_read
  int write(void *buf, size_t count);      // returns number of bytes written
  int seek(long offset, int whence);       // whence=SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END, ret=0=success
  int tell();
  virtual int file_size() = 0;

  virtual ~bFILE();

  // these read and writes, allways read/write Intel endian-ness
  unsigned short read_short();
  unsigned long read_long();
  unsigned char read_byte();
  double read_double();
  void write_short(unsigned short x);
  void write_long(unsigned long x);
  void write_byte(unsigned char x);
  void write_double(double x);
  void set_read_buffer_size(long size);
} ;

class jFILE : public bFILE     // this file type will use virtual opens inside of a spe
  char *fname;
  char *tmp_write_name;
  int access;
  int fd,flags;
  long start_offset,file_length;    // offset of file from actual file begining

  long current_offset;  // current offset
public :
      int get_fd() const { return fd; }

  void open_internal(char *filename, char *mode, int flags);
  void open_external(char *filename, char *mode, int flags);

  jFILE(char *filename, char *access_string);      // same as fopen parameters
  jFILE(FILE *file_pointer);                      // assumes fp is at begining of file
  virtual int open_failure() { return fd<0; }
  virtual int unbuffered_read(void *buf, size_t count);       // returns number of bytes read
  virtual int unbuffered_write(void *buf, size_t count);     // returns number of bytes written
  virtual int unbuffered_seek(long offset, int whence);      // whence=SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, 
                                                             // SEEK_END, ret=0=success
  virtual int unbuffered_tell();
  virtual int file_size() { return file_length; }
  virtual ~jFILE();
} ; 

class spec_entry
public :
  char *name;
  unsigned long size,offset;
  unsigned char type;
  spec_entry(unsigned char spec_type,
             char *object_name,
             char *link_filename,
             unsigned long data_size,
             unsigned long data_offset)
  { type=spec_type;
    name=strcpy((char *)jmalloc(strlen(object_name)+1,"spec_entry::name"),object_name);
    size=data_size; offset=data_offset;
  void print();
  ~spec_entry() { if (name) jfree(name); }
} ;

class spec_directory
public :
  void startup(bFILE *fp);

  int total;
  spec_entry **entries;
  void *data;
  long size;
//  spec_directory(char *filename);  ;; not allowed anymore, user must construct file first!
  spec_directory(FILE *fp);
  spec_directory(bFILE *fp);
  spec_entry *find(char *name);
  spec_entry *find(char *name, int type);
  spec_entry *find(int type);
  long find_number(char*name);
  long find_number(int type);
  void remove(spec_entry *e);
  void add_by_hand(spec_entry *e);
  void calc_offsets(); 
  long data_start_offset();  // returns the firsyt offset past directory items
  long data_end_offset();    // this should be the end of the file
  long type_total(int type);
  jFILE *write(char *filename); 
  int    write(bFILE *fp); 
  void print();
  void delete_entries();   // if the directory was created by hand instead of by file
} ;

/*jFILE *add_directory_entry(char *filename,
                         unsigned short data_type,
                         char *data_name,
                         unsigned long data_size,
                         char *link_filename=NULL);*/

unsigned short read_short(FILE *fp);
unsigned long read_long(FILE *fp);
unsigned short read_other_long(FILE *fp);
unsigned long read_other_short(FILE *fp);
unsigned char read_byte(FILE *fp);

void write_short(FILE *fp, unsigned short x);
void write_long(FILE *fp, unsigned long x);
void write_other_short(FILE *fp, unsigned short x);
void write_other_long(FILE *fp, unsigned long x);
void write_byte(FILE *fp, unsigned char x);

void set_spec_main_file(char *filename, int Search_order);
void set_file_opener(bFILE *(*open_fun)(char *, char *));
void set_no_space_handler(void (*handle_fun)());
bFILE *open_file(char *filename, char *mode);

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